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I dunno, I guess this pic is kinda cool here?

I’ve been doing comedy for a year now. The year has flown bye, and it’s been an amazing experience getting up on stage and making people laugh (most of the time). I’ve met some amazing people, and overcame some incredible challenges and have grown a lot over this last year.  I still can’t explain the feeling of being on stage and telling jokes; but it’s awesome, and kinda floaty – yes, it’s been a year and I haven’t been able to find better words to explain it other than ‘awesome’ and ‘floaty’.

The rewards have been personal –  money isn’t flowing in quite yet, (not that I was expecting it too), I’m still pretty poor, but thank you to anyone who has put me on their shows where I’ve been able to make some cash; I even have a huge appreciation for doing shows where the comedians get free beers.  Hell, even not having to pay cover is a treat in itself.  Finally,  special thanks to all the comedians who have helped me get stage time, and also special thanks to all comedians who were friendly and easy to talk to.  I hate you guys…kidding;  it’s been a pleasure meeting all of you, so Thank you!  And also, thank you to my girlfriend for putting up with me, not even over the last year, but since the beginning.  Getting pummeled with joke ideas daily ain’t easy…just living with me ain’t easy.  And thanks for being at my shows, and taping just about every one of my sets so far.  Thank you, thank you, thank you — for your patience and support, Amanda.

That’s it.  Just thought it was worth noting.  And yes, I’m that guy who writes acceptance type speeches for awards which haven’t been won.

Just wanted to say thanks, so go f*** yourself….no seriously, thanks all who have helped me!  I appreciate it.



(p.s I promise not to do this on a yearly basis.)