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Hey people,

Weird, I told myself I wasn’t going to post any videos of my comedy for a while, but here I am, doing just that.  I’m a rule breaker, baby!

I’ve been doing comedy for about 10 months now, and this  vid is my 16th (pretty sure) time doing comedy.  The set was for “The Great Canadian Laugh Off” comedy competition (Winner gets $25,000!!!).  The location is  Yuk Yuk’s in Kitchener, Ontario.  Oh, and listen for the dickhole heckler near the beginning.  He’s a real gem.  Good times Though!

I actually won this qualifier round, which enabled me to compete in the Kitchener finals, against some amazing comedians.  Out of the 8 finalists I was the rookie.  I’d done the least amount of comedy by a shit tonne compared to the others…so although I didn’t win, I was quite proud to be there, competing with really awesome comedians.

Cheers, and hope you laugh!  And if you don’t, well, you can go nuck yourself…I dunno what that means, so you have full creative control  (btw, please don’t send me any pics or vids of you “nucking”…unless your hot…and or female, or an alien…cause I’ve never seen a real alien).  About the heckler in the crowd…yeah,  he was hammerd,  had a mullet and a nascar jacket… no lie!  I wanted to kill him.  Had to keep cool though, it was a competition, didn’t want things to go horribly wrong.  (And things can get awkward so quickly if you don’t handle a heckler appropriately.)

So here is the vid.  Imaginary drumroll please…… brbrbrbrbrberbebrebrbrbebrbebrbebebebbebbebebbbrbrbbrbrbr… (that’s a typed out drum roll….and now on with the vid…again, hope ya like it…if its not your cup of tea, feel free to shit on my porch…. ) psssst….the truth is I don’t even have a porch. 😛

Cheers again!

– Comedian Reid Price

Oh, and later on, if I get a decent amount of interest, I’ll post a link to the video of my first time ever doing comedy (it’s a doozie!)  People always ask me, “where you nervous?” and I kinda shrug and say, “Well…in hindsight, I’m just glad that I at least warned the crowd I was so nervous that I could shit myself…”

P.s, I ramble on like this when I’m tired, sorry.

Cheers, for the last time!

– Just Reid