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“To¬†every action there is always an¬†equal and¬†opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton, a.k.a “The Newtonian One”

…Yes, using quotes is an incredibly easy way to sound like you’re at least somewhat intelligent, I know. ¬†But believe it or not, this is not a ploy. ¬†It actually has meaning. ¬†The quote is “Newtons Third Law of Motion”, and not only does it apply to physics, but when I¬†consider¬†it while reflecting on the decisions I’ve made and the new paths I’ve taken during my transitional last year or so, there’s a real connection.

A lot has happened to me over the course of the last year — difficult endings, new beginnings, opportunities missed, opportunities seized...a lot has changed, a lot has happened. ¬†Enough so that I felt the changes were significant enough to document. ¬†And the best way to document shit these days — Blogging…or is it cooler if I say it like this…Bloggin’. ¬†Yeah, I’ll call it Bloggin’. ¬†I feel like some sorta internet hipster…wait…hipsta’.

Alright, I’m getting off course already — Focus Reid’s brain! ¬†Focus!

The world has seen great change in the last year; so has my little life. ¬† All¬†during¬†a time where, according to society, (a.k.a my Mom) I should be reaching stability — ha, stable? ¬†My life is anything but…However, I’m taking chances, and doing what I can to obtain…I don’t know what I’m trying to obtain, but whatever it is I know it’s gonna be cool as shit! ¬†Taking chances, trying new things, not having stability, well, it’s all scary and¬†exciting¬†at the same time.

Here is a quick list of some significant things that have happened to me over the last year:¬†¬†Buy chance I had an amazing opportunity to be a¬†correspondent/Host on one of my all time favorite TV Shows, ‘The Electric Playground’, I lost my job as a 3d Video Game Artist, ¬†I started my own business where I create 3d Art, Music and Sound Effects for Video Games, I got a gig hosting a new web show called QuickCharge.TV, I’m writing and acting in a web series with an awesome team, and last but not least I have tried my hand at, and now perform STAND-UP COMEDY! (And I don’t suck…honest.)

Without going on too long I’d like to go over why I came to the decision to try¬†stand up¬†comedy. First of all, I’ve always admired comedians. ¬†I won’t bother listing my favorites off…ok I will…nah I won’t; it’s a pretty generic list anyway. ¬†You get it. ¬†But I’ve loved comedy and laughing for as long as I can remember, and¬†stand-up¬†is something I’ve always wanted to try but never¬†thought¬†I could. ¬†Performing¬†stand-up¬†would become my version of ¬†skydiving. ¬†There came a point where I¬†realized¬†if I could do this, ¬†if I could put myself out there and just¬†perform on stage for strangers, then I could do anything. ¬†And I really wanted to do it — But I didn’t have the balls to; how would I find the strength to give it a shot. ¬†Well, it came in the form of a couple of rejections really.

Now, it should be¬†duly¬†noted that I am a HUGE video game fan.¬†¬†So when I attended a Video Game conference in my hometown of London, Ontario and got to meet the keynote speaker, Victor Lucas, who is the host and producer of ¬†the shows The Electric¬†Playground and Reviews on the Run, as well as being the owner of Greedy Productions — well, I was really excited to say the least. ¬†I’ve been watching his shows for years! ¬†They were a major reason why I chose the career path of making games for a living. ¬†At a party after the conference I saw Victor, and I had the chance to introduce myself; so I did. ¬†“Hey Victor, my name is Reid. ¬†I’m a huge fan of your shows and just wanted to say hi to ya.” ¬†He was very polite, and after small talk he said, “Hey, have you ever done T.V. before? ¬†You might be good for our show.” ¬†In my head I was like holy crap…is he drunk?

A couple months later (It was¬†February, 2010) we connected, and to make a somewhat long story short, I was asked to audition for the show (The Electric Playground), in Toronto. ¬†I’d never done¬†anything¬†like this before, but I knew I could do it! ¬†I had a good audition; it was intense! ¬†I was not told in advance what I would have to do. ¬†Upon¬†meeting him and the crew we had a quick interview, then the on camera stuff happened, and it happened quick! ¬†I had to interview him, as if he were himself, then bam, he interviewed me, then bam, I interviewed him as if he were a game developer; he plays the difficult dull interviewee on purpose, trying to see how I’d handle it, then bam, I had to review a game, then bam, one last time, I have to review a game that I hated. ¬†It all happened so fast, but I did pretty well (I’d do SO much better now!) ¬†After all was said and done wanna know what one of my main problems was?…My ‘Ontario’ accent. ¬†I know, right? ¬†I don’t really want to get into that, it was a bit frustrating. ¬†The Electric Playground team is a Canadian crew by the way (for the most part), but some things I was saying¬†weren’t¬†sounding generic ‘American’ enough. ¬†I know again, right? ¬†Example I pronounce Mario like this – “mArio” they corrected me and wanted me to say it like this – “mAUrio”. ¬†Grrr, fair enough…anyways, after all the intense stuff, Victor took the time to talk to me more, 1 on 1, and he had some really great, encouraging and flattering words to say. ¬†I really appreciated this, however, ¬†I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting the job at this point, and this stung badly. ¬†Mainly because before hand, I just felt…I truly felt like I was going to get this DREAM job. ¬†And further more, I felt like for the first time in my life,¬†everything¬†that has happened leading up to this day – the good, the bad, the ugly, had happened for a reason. ¬†It was the first time I felt like I might believe in that whole fate mumbo jumbo. ¬†The¬†feeling¬†didn’t last long. ¬†And honestly, it still hurts to this day that I didn’t get that job, because I really felt deep down that I was going to get it, and when I have feelings like that they are usually right. ¬†After an already rough last few years I thought it was my big break. ¬†It wasn’t; at least not at that moment. ¬†After this amazing opportunity that kind of slipped out of my grasp things sort of fell apart.

A week later I lost my job. ¬†No income, still pretty heartbroken from not getting the Electric Playground Tv Host gig…now what am I going to do? ¬†Comedy? …Comedy…yeah, comedy! …Here goes nothing…