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Stand-up Comedy is for Losers

One decent pic of about 7 where I'm acting full out retardo.

– “What’s this you say?  Comedy, of the stand up variety is for losers?  How so?”

Well it is.  Standup comedy most certainly is for losers.  I’m one of those losers.  About a year ago is when it started – scratch that.  It sounds too generic.  It all started about a year ago – Much better.  Or is it?

See, what I did right there is very typical of a comedian.  Always second guessing one’s self, never sure.  The developing comedian is always making changes to their writing, our “material”.  Always second guessing ourselves, and wondering, “which way is best?”  How can I take this idea, put it into words, and make strangers in a dark, dingy basement, who are probably unknowingly inhaling asbestos, laugh?  Anxiety.  Will it go easier if I picture them all naked?  Not with the crew I see sitting in the front row today.  Why are they staring at me?  Oh, right.  If they were hitchhiking I wouldn’t pick anyone of them up.  Sorry Mom.  Today would have been a good day to be the blind comedian.

When I first decided to hit the stage at Yuk Yuk’s in Kitchener my life was in a downward spiral.  Visions of a flushing toilet come to mind.  I had recently lost my job.  I was a 3d Artist at a video game studio in town.  I was running out of money and eating way  too much Mr. Noodle.  Don’t get me wrong I love Mr. Noodle.  As a kid I called it, “favorite soup”.  Truthfully, I was scared.  I didn’t know where to turn next.  I was losing at life – I was a loser.  My pride was at an all-time low.  Then in a flash, my Mr. Noodle soaked brain cells, firing on not nearly all cylinders, provided me with an “ah ha” moment.  An idea, a vision.  I thought, “I know!  I’ll perform standup comedy!”  My girlfriend was uncertain.  She said she couldn’t imagine seeing me onstage telling jokes.  Anxiety, again.

I went to a bunch of amateur nights at Yuk Yuk’s in town.  Amateur nights were once a month, the last Thursday of every month.  The comedians began to recognize me.  Then the day came where it was my turn to go on stage, and possibly crap my pants – better wear old underwear.  The possibility of bombing was almost unbearable, but believe it or not, it was much more difficult to pick up the phone and call Jack, the club manager who would schedule me to perform, than it was to actually perform.  I sat outside with my girlfriend, (I later found out she was even more nervous than I) thinking of ways to get out of this…messiness. With all the stress and uncertainty going on in my life, why would I put this weight on myself?  This is crazy!  Then in a moment of true clarity, not Mr. Noodle invoked clarity, but true clarity, I realized, “Hey Reid, your losing.  You’re hitting your bottom.  Sure it’s not that bad, but what could be worse?  Go up there and give ‘em what you got.  You’ve got nothing to lose.”

I grew taller that day.  Performing comedy was my version of skydiving.  I told jokes to about twelve perfect strangers, in a dark, dingy room.  How’d I do?  Well I’m still here.  Unfortunately the underwear didn’t make it.  My girlfriend sat in the back and recorded my set with a similar pride a parent would have while recording their child’s first steps.  This experience was indeed my first steps in a way.  I felt amazing during and after the show.  Comedy is a great avenue to vent frustrations, overcome fears and meet new challenges.  The stage welcomes anybody.  I won that day.  Every once in a while a loser wins.














I dunno, I guess this pic is kinda cool here?

I’ve been doing comedy for a year now. The year has flown bye, and it’s been an amazing experience getting up on stage and making people laugh (most of the time). I’ve met some amazing people, and overcame some incredible challenges and have grown a lot over this last year.  I still can’t explain the feeling of being on stage and telling jokes; but it’s awesome, and kinda floaty – yes, it’s been a year and I haven’t been able to find better words to explain it other than ‘awesome’ and ‘floaty’.

The rewards have been personal –  money isn’t flowing in quite yet, (not that I was expecting it too), I’m still pretty poor, but thank you to anyone who has put me on their shows where I’ve been able to make some cash; I even have a huge appreciation for doing shows where the comedians get free beers.  Hell, even not having to pay cover is a treat in itself.  Finally,  special thanks to all the comedians who have helped me get stage time, and also special thanks to all comedians who were friendly and easy to talk to.  I hate you guys…kidding;  it’s been a pleasure meeting all of you, so Thank you!  And also, thank you to my girlfriend for putting up with me, not even over the last year, but since the beginning.  Getting pummeled with joke ideas daily ain’t easy…just living with me ain’t easy.  And thanks for being at my shows, and taping just about every one of my sets so far.  Thank you, thank you, thank you — for your patience and support, Amanda.

That’s it.  Just thought it was worth noting.  And yes, I’m that guy who writes acceptance type speeches for awards which haven’t been won.

Just wanted to say thanks, so go f*** yourself….no seriously, thanks all who have helped me!  I appreciate it.



(p.s I promise not to do this on a yearly basis.)

Hey people,

Weird, I told myself I wasn’t going to post any videos of my comedy for a while, but here I am, doing just that.  I’m a rule breaker, baby!

I’ve been doing comedy for about 10 months now, and this  vid is my 16th (pretty sure) time doing comedy.  The set was for “The Great Canadian Laugh Off” comedy competition (Winner gets $25,000!!!).  The location is  Yuk Yuk’s in Kitchener, Ontario.  Oh, and listen for the dickhole heckler near the beginning.  He’s a real gem.  Good times Though!

I actually won this qualifier round, which enabled me to compete in the Kitchener finals, against some amazing comedians.  Out of the 8 finalists I was the rookie.  I’d done the least amount of comedy by a shit tonne compared to the others…so although I didn’t win, I was quite proud to be there, competing with really awesome comedians.

Cheers, and hope you laugh!  And if you don’t, well, you can go nuck yourself…I dunno what that means, so you have full creative control  (btw, please don’t send me any pics or vids of you “nucking”…unless your hot…and or female, or an alien…cause I’ve never seen a real alien).  About the heckler in the crowd…yeah,  he was hammerd,  had a mullet and a nascar jacket… no lie!  I wanted to kill him.  Had to keep cool though, it was a competition, didn’t want things to go horribly wrong.  (And things can get awkward so quickly if you don’t handle a heckler appropriately.)

So here is the vid.  Imaginary drumroll please…… brbrbrbrbrberbebrebrbrbebrbebrbebebebbebbebebbbrbrbbrbrbr… (that’s a typed out drum roll….and now on with the vid…again, hope ya like it…if its not your cup of tea, feel free to shit on my porch…. ) psssst….the truth is I don’t even have a porch. 😛

Cheers again!

– Comedian Reid Price

Oh, and later on, if I get a decent amount of interest, I’ll post a link to the video of my first time ever doing comedy (it’s a doozie!)  People always ask me, “where you nervous?” and I kinda shrug and say, “Well…in hindsight, I’m just glad that I at least warned the crowd I was so nervous that I could shit myself…”

P.s, I ramble on like this when I’m tired, sorry.

Cheers, for the last time!

– Just Reid

First web comic complete…and yes, his name is indeed “Baul”, and yes, his dink is out.  Please be sure to comment and let me know what you think!  Hope you chuckle!

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