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I’m trying to stoke the fire by sticking my rod in many pots….wait…my iron is hot…strike while the fire is hot…I’m not good with sayings. ¬†What I’m trying to say is I do many things. I even work as a background actor (should be called background stander, walker, pretend talker) for TV shows like Saving Hope, Rookie Blue, The Rick Mercer Report & Nikita. ¬†Watch close and you’ll see me on screen for one to two seconds. ¬†I used to work for video game studios as a 3d artist (well I still do). ¬†But I decided to pull away from that, and become my own boss and take control of my future (by exploring many avenues.)

All I wanted to do in this post really was just highlight and post links to the things I do in hopes that you fine people (all three or four of you) will check them out.

1. 3D ARTIST & VIDEO GAME MUSICIAN : I work as a 3d artist and video game musician. I’ve worked for several studios and I am now working freelance full-time. I even started my own company! Please check out my site here and feel free to recommend me!

2. TV SHOW HOST: I created a video game TV show with my friend, Brian. We started very modestly (and are still modest, but growing.) Me and my comedian buddy Tom host the show. The show is called QuickCharge TV and currently airs on Rogers TV in the Waterloo Region as well as Guelph, Brantford, & Stratford (Where Beiber is from! Woah…that’s in Canada). Please check out our site and subscribe to our youtube channel!

3. VIDEO PODCAST HOST: I host a baseball podcast that focuses on the Toronto BlueJ ays called, “Back in Blue”. Nick and I discuss and even do fun skits sometimes. Please check it out and check out me as Skip101, where I play a “baseball expert”!


4. STAND UP COMEDY: I’m an amateur standup comedian, doing shows where and whenever I can. I’ve been doing this for two years and it has already opened up some amazing doors. The world of standup has been hilarious. ¬†I love it when people are¬†surprised¬†to hear I do¬†stand-up. Wouldn’t want it any other way. Check me out!

5. ¬†BACKGROUND “ACTING”: ¬†More like background sitting around and waiting. ¬†While I love being on professional sets (so much to learn) I rather enjoy the little things…like all you can eat peanut butter and jam sandwhichs…all day every day! ¬†It’s been cool being a part of so many tv shows and movies. ¬†The pay isn’t great, but when I’m sitting around waiting to be called to set I’m usually just¬†working¬†on 3d Art on my laptop. ¬†Win, win.

Here is a skit where I can be seen chatting it up and casting a ballot on the Rick Mercer Report. ¬†(I got to meet Rick, very nice guy!) ¬†(PS, I’m the guy who you probably think looks kinda black.)

Well, that’s all the stuff I do, for now. ¬†Oh, I also blog for Huffington Post Canada! ¬†So the stoke is indeed in a lot of fires (thats how you say it, right?). ¬†Basically, I’m just trying to work hard and follow everything I’m passionate about…and I’m desperately hoping it will evolve into making at least a decent living.


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