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Post theme tune: Radio Head – Separator

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton, a.k.a “The Newtonian One”

…Yes, using quotes is an incredibly easy way to sound like you’re at least somewhat intelligent, I know.  But believe it or not, this is not a ploy.  It actually has meaning.  The quote is “Newtons Third Law of Motion”, and not only does it apply to physics, but when I consider it while reflecting on the decisions I’ve made and the new paths I’ve taken during my transitional last year or so, there’s a real connection.

A lot has happened to me over the course of the last year — difficult endings, new beginnings, opportunities missed, opportunities seized...a lot has changed, a lot has happened.  Enough so that I felt the changes were significant enough to document.  And the best way to document shit these days — Blogging…or is it cooler if I say it like this…Bloggin’.  Yeah, I’ll call it Bloggin’.  I feel like some sorta internet hipster…wait…hipsta’.

Alright, I’m getting off course already — Focus Reid’s brain!  Focus!

The world has seen great change in the last year; so has my little life.   All during a time where, according to society, (a.k.a my Mom) I should be reaching stability — ha, stable?  My life is anything but…However, I’m taking chances, and doing what I can to obtain…I don’t know what I’m trying to obtain, but whatever it is I know it’s gonna be cool as shit!  Taking chances, trying new things, not having stability, well, it’s all scary and exciting at the same time.

Here is a quick list of some significant things that have happened to me over the last year:  Buy chance I had an amazing opportunity to be a correspondent/Host on one of my all time favorite TV Shows, ‘The Electric Playground’, I lost my job as a 3d Video Game Artist,  I started my own business where I create 3d Art, Music and Sound Effects for Video Games, I got a gig hosting a new web show called QuickCharge.TV, I’m writing and acting in a web series with an awesome team, and last but not least I have tried my hand at, and now perform STAND-UP COMEDY! (And I don’t suck…honest.)

Without going on too long I’d like to go over why I came to the decision to try stand up comedy. First of all, I’ve always admired comedians.  I won’t bother listing my favorites off…ok I will…nah I won’t; it’s a pretty generic list anyway.  You get it.  But I’ve loved comedy and laughing for as long as I can remember, and stand-up is something I’ve always wanted to try but never thought I could.  Performing stand-up would become my version of  skydiving.  There came a point where I realized if I could do this,  if I could put myself out there and just perform on stage for strangers, then I could do anything.  And I really wanted to do it — But I didn’t have the balls to; how would I find the strength to give it a shot.  Well, it came in the form of a couple of rejections really.

Now, it should be duly noted that I am a HUGE video game fan.  So when I attended a Video Game conference in my hometown of London, Ontario and got to meet the keynote speaker, Victor Lucas, who is the host and producer of  the shows The Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run, as well as being the owner of Greedy Productions — well, I was really excited to say the least.  I’ve been watching his shows for years!  They were a major reason why I chose the career path of making games for a living.  At a party after the conference I saw Victor, and I had the chance to introduce myself; so I did.  “Hey Victor, my name is Reid.  I’m a huge fan of your shows and just wanted to say hi to ya.”  He was very polite, and after small talk he said, “Hey, have you ever done T.V. before?  You might be good for our show.”  In my head I was like holy crap…is he drunk?

A couple months later (It was February, 2010) we connected, and to make a somewhat long story short, I was asked to audition for the show (The Electric Playground), in Toronto.  I’d never done anything like this before, but I knew I could do it!  I had a good audition; it was intense!  I was not told in advance what I would have to do.  Upon meeting him and the crew we had a quick interview, then the on camera stuff happened, and it happened quick!  I had to interview him, as if he were himself, then bam, he interviewed me, then bam, I interviewed him as if he were a game developer; he plays the difficult dull interviewee on purpose, trying to see how I’d handle it, then bam, I had to review a game, then bam, one last time, I have to review a game that I hated.  It all happened so fast, but I did pretty well (I’d do SO much better now!)  After all was said and done wanna know what one of my main problems was?…My ‘Ontario’ accent.  I know, right?  I don’t really want to get into that, it was a bit frustrating.  The Electric Playground team is a Canadian crew by the way (for the most part), but some things I was saying weren’t sounding generic ‘American’ enough.  I know again, right?  Example I pronounce Mario like this – “mArio” they corrected me and wanted me to say it like this – “mAUrio”.  Grrr, fair enough…anyways, after all the intense stuff, Victor took the time to talk to me more, 1 on 1, and he had some really great, encouraging and flattering words to say.  I really appreciated this, however,  I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting the job at this point, and this stung badly.  Mainly because before hand, I just felt…I truly felt like I was going to get this DREAM job.  And further more, I felt like for the first time in my life, everything that has happened leading up to this day – the good, the bad, the ugly, had happened for a reason.  It was the first time I felt like I might believe in that whole fate mumbo jumbo.  The feeling didn’t last long.  And honestly, it still hurts to this day that I didn’t get that job, because I really felt deep down that I was going to get it, and when I have feelings like that they are usually right.  After an already rough last few years I thought it was my big break.  It wasn’t; at least not at that moment.  After this amazing opportunity that kind of slipped out of my grasp things sort of fell apart.

A week later I lost my job.  No income, still pretty heartbroken from not getting the Electric Playground Tv Host gig…now what am I going to do?  Comedy? …Comedy…yeah, comedy! …Here goes nothing…